Count of Monte Cristo

I read Count of Monte Cristo over the course of a year, on and off. The short, episodic chapters were perfect for my back-to-school craziness. I could read a little or a lot. I could pick it up after a while and still remember what was happening (er. Mostly… toward the end I was definitely fuzzy on the relationship between Caderousse and Benedetto.) Excellently paced (until the last few pages when I just wanted to know what would happen already), charming, and more nuanced than I expected. It was a grand entertaining adventure tale with romance and intrigue and of course, revenge. But I was glad that the main character did not turn out to be all-powerful and flawlessly confident. There was subtlety to him after all…. his faith that he was the instrument of God was not impermeable.

Not that this is comparable to something like Brothers Karamazov or even, I think Les Miserables…. but it is more than a simple adventure. Absolutely satisfying.

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