Laughter of Dead Kings

I have read many, many Elizabeth Peters books – most when I was under 20, and very few since. I read the bulk of them when I lived in books. (I probably love Amelia more than several real people I know) And I read them now as more of a tourist – visiting old friends in familiar places. Because of this, I absolutely enjoyed Laughter of Dead Kings, but I will not say that it is good. If you love and miss Vicky and Schmidt and of course the dashing John Smythe, it is a pleasant and nostalgic diversion. No new ideas, and lots of cheerful and frivolous referencing back to previous plots. (Truth be told, I always thought the Vicky plots were a touch flimsier than the Amelia plots… so there’s not a lot left to mine… best not to think about things too much…) I’d still recommend both series for a light and cheerful read (particularly if a little silly romance makes you smile & doesn’t turn your stomach) but it’s absolutely worth reading them in order. That way you can either enjoy the nostalgia when it comes, or have the opportunity to bow out gracefully before it gets too thick.