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Aya has stunning art and a charming story about teenagers getting into mischief. I think the art is worth the price of the book. I understand that the story is supposed to be light, humorous and personal… painting a picture of a happier, more frivolous Africa. Still I think the narrative taken on it’s own lacked punch. Definitely not ambitiously written in the way of Rabbi’s Cat…. even if the art is similar in style.

Laughter of Dead Kings

I have read many, many Elizabeth Peters books – most when I was under 20, and very few since. I read the bulk of them when I lived in books. (I probably love Amelia more than several real people I know) And I read them now as more of a tourist – visiting old friends in familiar places. Because of this, I absolutely enjoyed Laughter of Dead Kings, but I will not say that it is good. If you love and miss Vicky and Schmidt and of course the dashing John Smythe, it is a pleasant … Continue Reading

Leather Maiden

Leather Maiden was delightfully campy and noir and self-confident. Well written and not overly serious. The crime wasn’t so revolting – I didn’t have nightmares. The story was dark but in a well-worn predictable sort of way. The characters familiar archetypes. I enjoyed it somewhat the same way I enjoy crime television… although the writing, character development and sense of style were all superior to the usual 45 minute NCIS episode. I will definitely read more Lansdale…. and perhaps watch less television…

so sweet and so cold



Laugh-out-loud funny and completely devastating – Catch-22 delivered as only a classic can.  I was worried after the first 100 pages or so that it was a one-joke book, but the characters fleshed out and the story congealed and Yossarian became tragic and heroic as well as comic. What a character. So glad I never read this in school. Keeping close track of the characters and story-lines so as to take quizzes and have meaningful class discussions would have altered the way the relationships between characters and events slowly became clear in my brain. All … Continue Reading