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The House Sitter

The House Sitter is typical Lovesey.  He’s sneaky – never seems to start strong.  Every one I’ve read seems awkward in the beginning so that I wonder what possessed me to read another.  But in this one, as usual, the plotting and characters start to deliver about a third of the way in.  Sometimes I just want a simple folksy British mystery and Peter Diamond hits the spot.  Satisfying and low key – just the thing for a rainy evening.

Elegance of the Hedgehog

Liking The Elegance of the Hedgehog is bound to get me into trouble. I found it touching and warm. In theory I can understand the accusations regarding pretentious language and vapid characters, but honestly don’t agree. I felt that the story successfully created a small bridge between some vaulted ideas and musings of great philosophers and the corporeal, humorous, often inconvenient and sometimes tragic world.

When I finished it I reread the beginning bits of Phaedo – remembering the college discussions about Socrates rubbing his sore leg as he discussed the unimportance of the material mortal … Continue Reading

On the Wing

On the Wing paints a vivid, personal, and fascinating portrait of Peregrine Falcons, covering habits, evolution, biology and also information on human farming practices and pesticides that continue to threaten a wide range of birds.  More than that, it is an engrossing first-person adventure story supported with scientific and historical asides and full of sympathetic characters – human, avian and animal.  Doggedly tracking Peregrine Falcons in migration to see where they go, what they see, how they play, what they eat, the author comes off as slightly unhinged, but also educated and entertaining. I can’t testify to the … Continue Reading