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There a Petal Silently Falls

There a Petal Silently Falls is a beautiful collection of fiction. While the scenes depicted in the title story are harsh, the writing style is subtle, understated, and sophisticated throughout. All three stories are insightful and touching psychological studies, yet they differ in style and subject and manage to cover a range of scenarios in a short 188 pages. While characters in all three works experience anguish and despair, the author has taken such care with them that the cumulative effect is moving and lyrical – not nearly as dark as a simple recounting of the … Continue Reading

Wild Trees, Vita Nuova

I enjoyed Wild Trees a lot. I also have a distinct fondness for awkward, passionate, somewhat geeky characters. The book is more about the extraordinary people who investigate giant trees than it is about the trees themselves. Don’t get me wrong – lots of tree talk. But the tree talk itself becomes part of the human interest story – because of the human awe and emotion the giant organisms inspire. I really loved the book, I loved learning about the trees and I miss the characters now that it’s over, but I could … Continue Reading