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I really didn’t like Juno. Mostly because I didn’t believe Juno. I wasn’t drawn in. Because the movie is about a situation I have a lot of feelings about, the fact that I didn’t believe in Juno the character totally turned me off and made me sad and irritated and angry. I liked most of the peripheral bits of the movie quite a lot – particularly Vanessa & Mark & Bleeker. The acting all around was decent and occasionally brilliant. That scene with the note for Vanessa is awesome. Juno herself was like … Continue Reading

Room with a View

So I just tuned into the Room with a View on PBS right at that last scene with Mr. Emerson near the end – and continued watching from there right through the big WTF finale. Ruining the experience and possibly the rest of the evening. Good God. What a bad taste in my mouth. Ack.

Road, Donna Leon

I finished The Road last night. Beautiful book. Bleak, but not nearly as depressing as I imagined from all the hype. A lovely & spare book about goodness. For people who found it depressing and dark – I advise them to stay far, far away from Kennedy’s Brain. There’s dark, and then there’s dark…My brain has been muddled and full these past few months – but I also finished a couple of lovely mysteries: Doctored Evidence and Blood from a Stone.To manage the brain muddle I’m … Continue Reading