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By the way…

By the way… not that anyone probably noticed they were broken… but I fixed the archive & RSS links above. And updated the sketchblog

Diamond Solitaire

Diamond Solitaire was pretty awesome. With a climax like nothing you have ever read. Very unique. Involving a sumo wrestler and mafiosos.On to The Ruby in her Navel I think. And perhaps The Discovery of France. It’s not like I have to work or anything…I had my first look at the The Trial of Colonel Sweeto today too. I covet.

Shadow of the Silk Road

I just finished Shadow of the Silk Road and I’m utterly charmed and impressed – how the author managed to pack so much information into this conversational and incredibly accessible travelogue is beyond me. He manages to communicate his curiosity and compassion and experience while at the same time touching on a truly enormous number of historical, cultural and geographic details. Wonderfully researched. Passionately told. Beautiful. Fluid. Marvelous. It’s a brilliant book.


I saw Beowulf yesterday, heartily enjoyed it, and agree pretty much completely with this review. (Which doesn’t have spoilers per se, but it gives enough away that I wouldn’t read it before you see the film…) I also read the NYT review and thought it was a touch half-assed – like it played into what NYT readers would be looking for without expressing a lot of honest opinion.

Gentlemen of the Road

Gentlemen of the Road is excellent. Subtle and historical and vividly painted. The language is a little intense & old-fashioned, but as the story is short and the characters wonderful everything seems to fit together nicely. It’s very satisfying to read something so good elegantly packed into such a small space – especially this time of year when it’s so hard to find the time to finish anything.It’s worth noting, too, that there’s little difference – in terms of reading level – between this and Octavian Nothing. Also, there’s … Continue Reading

Golden Notebook

I finished the Golden Notebook. It… doesn’t really feel like a novel. It’s brilliant, and it’s fiction, but it feels like Something Else. A portrait of a brain struggling to make sense of life… maybe. It feels like I’ve met & become close to a person more than it feels like I’ve finished a story. And it’s not that I feel like I know the author – it’s almost as if the book is a whole personality (in addition to being a work of art) all on its own. It’s got some amazing insights … Continue Reading