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I’m sitting here listening to CocoRosie and watching out the window and totally loving Halloween. The little kids are adorable, the older kids are sheepishly awkward – even the pushy ones… parents in sweatshirts in some cases – in other cases fairly disturbingly dressed. Mostly dads (or uncles or friends or whatever…) in costume so far – one in a giant rabbit suit. I just told one kid that I didn’t think my neighbors were home – and he said “thank you for telling us we wouldn’t want to waste the doorbell.” It’s … Continue Reading


I’ve broken down and subscribed to audiobooks on emusic – all of a sudden I couldn’t resist the prospect of having Jeeves & Wooster stories read to me. The narrator is excellent, and the short-ish stories make perfect lunch break fare. Also good for doing the dishes. I laugh out loud. Which is good because the Golden Notebook is one of those painfully excellent books that leaves me reeling. Not really lunch break fare at all. After a week of way too late baseball games (I am not a fan … Continue Reading

Marjane Satrapi

I looked when I was on a farm in France. Heh heh. Marjane Satrapi is awesome. (via bookslut)Doris Lessing. I am entirely in love with The Golden Notebook. Thank you thank you.


I finished Beachcombing for a Shipwrecked God yesterday morning – it was quiet in the house and raining outside and the book was lovely. Very much the thing to balance out a bleak portrait of human death and cruelty like Kennedy’s Brain. I will definitely read more novels by Joe Coomer. Later that afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting Jan Brett – a marvelous lady. Charming and warm and thoughtful – especially with the children who came to meet her. I enjoyed her visit enormously.Today is beautiful – and … Continue Reading

New Policeman & Kennedy’s Brain

I liked The New Policeman very much. It’s charming and well-written. Clever plot, lovely setting. I’m not sure I get what all the incredible buzz is about though… I wouldn’t put it in the running for a Newbery.Kennedy’s Brain may have broken my mind. It’s dry and disturbing and bleak as all hell. I think I might have to read something sweet and traditional now. Maybe with a romantic twist even.