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Divisadero is so so beautiful. There’s this wonderful bloom that happens after books like this are over – all the pieces continue to fit together in new ways, and continue to be beautiful… and the story doesn’t have to end.

Part-Time Indian, The Vault

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is brilliant young adult fiction. Funny and sad and gross and true. Wonderful.I finished The Vault yesterday or the day before. I’m kinda addicted to Peter Lovesey mysteries. Not particularly because of the writing – sometimes it drags a bit – but the plots are excellent. Lets face it – most mystery plots are dull, inscrutable, or just kinda lame. Even if the characters are awesome and keep us coming back for more. Most of the characters in Lovesey’s books are … Continue Reading

Turtle Derby

I enjoyed Queen of the Turtle Derby very much – although I wish it had been longer…. and perhaps less repetitive in some ways. Always a danger with something cobbled together like that. I liked the essays, but I guess I’d love a cohesive memoir.This Merchant of Venice was much better than expected. I actually very much enjoyed Al Pacino as Shylock. Also – having seen Measure for Measure recently throws it into a new light. All this stuff about law… hmmm….I swam in a river today with Andrew, … Continue Reading

After Dark & Sailing

I read Murakami’s After Dark this week. Surreal, lyrical, questioning… mostly indescribable. Wonderful searching lonely characters. Very very good. It’s almost a poem – and from what I hear from other readers – even less a structured story than his usual fare. It’s certainly austere and stripped down in comparison to Kafka on the Shore – the only other Murakami I’ve read. I’m slowly making my way through Shadow of the Silk Road. With a map. And wikipedia. And, as it turns out, a dictionary. Its … Continue Reading