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Death at a Funeral

Just got back from Death at a Funeral. I laughed until it hurt a lot. Alan Tudyk is so awesome. Also Peter Dinklage. Also everyone else in the movie.I saw Measure for Measure last night for the first time. I had a wonderful amazing time. Loved the play. And I’m totally confused. I get the big themes – it’s a wonderful portrait of man’s hypocrisy and kind of the arbitrary morality inherent in society…. it’s a play about politics. I get that. It’s the … Continue Reading

Crooked Little Vein

Ok. Crooked Little Vein is not a Great Book. The plot is weak. The length makes it feel like an overly long short story or an unfinished novel. The main character never quite makes the break away from his maker. Warren Ellis lurks in there perceptibly. Audibly. Forget all that – it is an AWESOMELY good time. Filthy, horrible, hilarious, and absurdly sentimental. It has my three thumbs up and then some. No one could NOT enjoy at least bits of this – even the most stuffed up … Continue Reading


I finished Origin last night and it was awesome. Beautifully written suspense novel – meticulous, lovely, subtle characters. Amazing first person narrative with an emotionally broken protagonist – but without any sloppy sentimentality or psycho babble. Precise and gradual ratcheting up of tension so that by the end – you don’t know quite when this happened – you can’t possibly put the book down.I’m also loving Donna Leon‘s mysteries – small and quietly lovely. Guido is a touchingly humble and compassionate detective – no guns blazing. He and Hercule would have … Continue Reading


I had a lovely vacation in all sorts of ways. I finished books for one. The Yiddish Policemen’s Union was lovely – succeeds at being noir as well as an interesting speculative historical thing. As well as a charming story. Gredel is awesome. I will be reading more John Gardner. The Used World was a touch confining – but that was part of the plot, and I did truly love the characters and want for them. And The Last Detective was just fun. A good old fashioned … Continue Reading