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Artnatomy & Wordsworth

This guide to facial expressions for artists is pretty cool. I did memorize Anecdote of the Jar. In search of a new poem to spend time with, I picked up Wordsworth for the first time today. Found it quite beautiful and thoroughly enjoyed some sonnets, particularly The World is too much with us.


My purse was stolen yesterday. Containing keys, wallet, phone, pencils, sketchbook, address book… Many phone calls were made. I spoke with a nice policeman.A nice letter carrier delivered it to me at work this morning. It seems the thief considerately stuffed it in a mailbox (minus the phone, credit card and cash, of course).

Bike, Yiddish Policeman’s Union

Well I got on a bike today for the first time in… hm… fifteen years perhaps. It was pretty terrifying. I guess it’s true that one can’t forget how to ride a bike. After today I’m fairly convinced one can forget how to turn. I’m pretty surprised I didn’t fall or run into anything. The bike is my sister’s old bike from when she was a kid – with rust scraped off, new tires, liberal use of wd40 and brake tinkering. I’d never seen disassembled bike bits before – pretty cool stuff. Thank … Continue Reading