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Earlier…Hey – I own, like, 109 Dragonlance books but I don’t really know which ones. I want to order more…. can you, like, find me a complete list of them?Why I Love Wikipedia Today.I’m reading several things all at once – all good. The 7 Professors of the Far North by John Fardell, The Various Haunts of Men by Susan Hill, and Metropolis by Elizabeth Gaffney. Metropolis is one of those books that I know is flawed but I find myself attached to it anyway. … Continue Reading


Electricity is awesome.

Cold Wet

It’s supposed to be in the 30′s and raining UNTIL FRIDAY. You’ve got to be kidding me. I brought home a couple of books today… trying to break a dry spell. Also drew a hat – but it’s too dark to take a picture. It’s nice on these dreary days to get unexpected emails from friends. :) Thank you.


I had a fabulous weekend. Andrew and I both had an extra day off. We went up to Farmington and relaxed. I finished October Light and drew a picture and watched cable tv and ate avacado sandwiches… awesome. Especially October Light – what a book. Between emusic and last.fm I’m finding music fascinating… and the record of what I’ve listened to fascinating as well. Here’s my last.fm top ten artists of last week: