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Cat and Girl

So perfect.

Jane Hirshfield

Jane Hirshfield’s After is also truly beautiful… I’m still reading The Light the Dead See too. Been in a poetry mood recently.Yet another beautiful thing – having the windows open. Spring! It may only be 49 degrees out, but the sun is shining & that’s good enough for me.


My AudioScrobbling is mysteriously working again…Maybe it’s the snow. :(

Leon Fleisher

Leon Fleisher‘s piano playing is truly beautiful. Two Hands and The Journey are available on emusic. Just lovely.


I’ve been getting myself back on track at work – which has taken most of my energy these last couple weeks. But I’m caught up now. And I’ve been knitting… which is odd. I’m not so good at crafty things like that. Delayed gratification and all. But knitting has a certain soothing quality. And I’ve been drawing again. I’m trying to pick small things that I can work on before bed or on lunch breaks. Also things that I’ve maybe avoided in the past. As of today there’s a blog … Continue Reading