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Chagall, October Light

Tomorrow I’m back to work. Sadly. We have had a lovely Saturday though – out to breakfast, post office, library, did some used book shopping at the lovely Cunningham Books, and finally the Portland Museum of Art which has Goya‘s Los Caprichos etchings on display. (very large PDF of them here) I think I’ll have to order the Dover edition tomorrow. While I’m at work. Sigh.I put down Sacred Games… just haven’t been in the mood for it lately… and picked up October Light which is … Continue Reading


I just saw my first 2008 presidential campaign ad. :(

The Light the Dead See

It would make me happy if someone out there would pick up a copy of The Light the Dead See by Frank Stanford and read (particularly) the poem Snake Doctors….


I feel a little bad that I inadvertently corrupted Andrew’s Last.fm profile by listening to John Prine and Fiona Apple non-stop one day. So now I have my own profile. :) And I just downloaded Spit Bucket – destined to be my new favorite Tiger Lillies album. (apologies in advance to Andrew… Tiger Lillies music makes his head hurt…)

New Laptop

I have a new laptop. Brand spankin’ new. Oh it’s so shiny. (!!!) It can do several things at once without crashing horribly. Happiness. This is my vacation – I’m not going anywhere. I have a new kitty and a new laptop and several wonderful books in my cozy (still new) apartment. Life is seriously good.


Meet Gracie – 0210-grace


It’s been quite a while since I was up this late. Conan, I’ve missed you.

Hibernation, Name of the Rose

I’ve been hibernating…I thought this was a great general St. John’s-in-a-nutshell answer on askmetafilter. Whenever I get asked about the school it’s particularly hard for me to convey both how much I loved it, and still love it, and how much I couldn’t handle it – how hard it was to keep showing up to class. I think if you know me, and you read that answer, it starts to make sense. Particularly here:At St. John’s, you aren’t required to attend any lectures, and taking notes is strongly discouraged. The all-discussion all-the-time format … Continue Reading