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Who Really Cares

So I’ve been seething for a bit over an overheard set of comments made over the purchasing of this book.I could say more about it – but I’ve made a donation to Planned Parenthood instead. And, I suppose if the book has this effect on other people (instead of becoming another “my group is so much moral-er than your group” thing) it isn’t so bad.

Find Me, Post-Christmas

Ahhh…. just finished writing back to all the nice emails that have been collecting in my inbox since mid-December when I stopped thinking about anything outside of work. Last night I finished reading the new Carol O’Connell – Find Me. So satisfying – as always. If you like gritty mysteries and awesome female lead characters – she is just the very best. So now all I have to do is pay off my credit card bill and I will be well on the way to a full post-holiday recovery. Every year I think that … Continue Reading