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Keith Olbermann Rant

WOW. You think you know how to rant a little, and then you hear the real thing. (The bit about the seeds is what does it, really). Via Warren Ellis

Library Book Sale

The Portland Public Library‘s fall book sale is this weekend… and suddenly there are two more piles we have no room for. (It’s the prices! Only fifty cents for hardcovers and a dime for paperbacks! How could we resist?) Here’s my haul:

Mystery Vacation

I assembled all kinds of fiction for my vacation and then had an unexpected craving for mystery. I read The Bookman’s Wake and Bloodhounds in quick succession. Then a couple of Colin Dexter short stories – which were good enough that I’ve got to wonder why I haven’t read all his novels yet. The Bookman’s Wake was incredibly fun. A touch campy in places but in a good (and I think deliberate) way. Satisfying (if a touch predictable) characters, ass-kicking, lots of book digressions, a decent puzzle – very … Continue Reading