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Instead of Doing Stuff this morning, I’ve puttered around on the web, fiddling with netvibes and delicious, reading little bits of things, and compiling a LibraryThing list of books I’d like to have for my vacation… not sure they’ll all fit in a suitcase… might just have to stay home & read.


I just stumbled upon some stuff on creativity in the workplace via The Shifted Librarian that I find totally and completely inspiring. Both as a human being and particularly as a manager of interesting & creative people. And I was needing some inspiration… so I appreciate it.Yes, AndWords from Wieden(and what are you READING these days, Elizabeth? What are you DRAWING? Well… er… still working on that Wizard of the Crow. Watching too much tv… :( Intensely looking forward to vacation…)


I woke up extra early this morning in the mood to draw. He didn’t exactly keep still, so don’t look too closely. But I like them.

Holy Crap

churchsigngenerator.com is my new favorite thing.Warren Ellis sent me an email.I’m hopelessly addicted to LibraryThing talk features.Wizard of the Crow is indeed awesome.It’s been a fine week.

Wizard of the Crow

Wizard of the Crow looks like an incredibly fascinating book. I first heard about it in Koen‘s newsletter. Here’s a profile via Bookslut. Still waiting for my copy to come in…

An Iliad

I ranted at poor Andrew for a long time last night about An Iliad so it’s mostly out of my system. Now I’m just thinking and summing up. My two biggest concerns at the outset turned out to be true for me in the reading of it – taking out the gods affects the story more than one might think, and adding the Trojan horse bit on the end completely ruins the story arc that begins with Achilles’ anger, climaxes with his meeting with Priam and ends with Hector’s funeral. I just can’t get … Continue Reading