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Kierkegaard on the Daily Show!

Psych test

I dunno…. but the icon is pretty.


Donald Harington has apparently been written about in the Wall Street Journal. Why did no one tell me? It was just a couple of weeks ago I found myself ordering a copy of The Believer because no one told me about that article either. I mean, in the end the articles all say roughly the same thing. He’s wonderful, skilled, joyful, underappreciated… I know all that. After reading the books I don’t really need to read this stuff. But it makes me very happy nonetheless. Feels like a hat … Continue Reading


I have been playing with Netvibes. And I realized that there was a podcast of Inside Europe. So now I can listen to (and remember to listen to) the whole thing any time instead of the ten minutes/week I’m currently getting from NPR on my way to work on tuesdays. I’ve been looking around, and have spent the last couple of days listening to a bunch of NPR, BBC, PRI, PBS… and I’m trying to listen to RFI, although I’m only catching every third word or so.The perspectives on big world … Continue Reading

Book Sale

I watched Pulp Fiction last week for the first time in years. I think I laughed a whole lot harder than I did as a teenager.The library had a big general sale this weekend (the kind where all the books are either piled randomly or still in boxes with no discernable organization… ) and I brought home this handful:


This is the month I think about all the skills I almost had in high school but have now almost completely lost. (Ok… just two really) Reading French, for instance. I just finished Le Petit Prince… with my dictionary out at all times. Checking with an english translation every chapter or two. It was lovely. I’m so glad I made the effort. Next in that line I have Petit Nicolas and En Attendant Godot. I also signed up for a class so as to remember/relearn pronunciation. And then I also … Continue Reading