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I’ve been unsatisfied with my life these past couple of weeks and so, being the cowardly bum that I am, have had my nose in a book almost constantly. Finished Fountain Overflows in five days or so… exquisite. Marvelous. One of those rare books that manages to get the flavor and frustration of childhood thoughts just perfectly. But then I couldn’t bring The Girl Who Trod on a Loaf with me to Boston… too large… and also I needed a palate cleanser. Being Dead fit the bill nicely. What a … Continue Reading

Thin Place, Fountain Overflows, Brighten the Corner…

I finished The Thin Place this week… very satisfied with the ending… and started The Fountain Overflows. I know I tried to read this a while back and couldn’t seem to manage it. Wrong mood I guess. It’s amazing. Shortly after I started it, I came by a copy of The Girl Who Trod on a Loaf. So I am well set for the time being but still need to pick a novel for our book snacking series.An antidote for Stegner is in order (Beautiful and yet heavy with nostalgia … Continue Reading

The Garden

Yay! Jessa over at Bookslut linked to an interview with Elsie Aidinoff about The Garden. Fabulous book… glad to see it getting good attention.