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Still Home Sick

Ack. Too many cookies. The cold is in retreat, now if I can just get my body back on normal food (as opposed to massive amounts of sugar, chocolate, and caffeine) I’ll be all set.Finished the first volume of Promethea yesterday (very very cool) but feel too icky to read today. Watched Two Towers extended edition, did battle with the clogged tub drain, took shower… now what… I am still reading Bleak House, but my attention span hasn’t been long enough lately to really enjoy it. I get to the … Continue Reading

Emerald City

This Emerald City article (via Bookslut) may yet get me to pick up the copy of Being Dead that’s been sitting in my house for months. I was just thinking about returning it to the person who lent it to me too… hmm…I’m glad for the whole article actually. All of the books mentioned sound interesting, and with the exception of Winterson, I haven’t read any of them. EDIT: also excepting much-beloved Flannery O’Connor. It was her name that drew me into the article in the first place.

Christmas Aftermath

Well I pushed myself pretty damn hard this holiday season. Downside: I came down with a miserable cold December 26th. Upside: I’m actually taking some sick time to recover, so I have the next few days off. Extra Upside: when I’m not sleeping, I can occupy myself with new comic books and leftover baked goods. Yesterday I worked a half-day. Read Transmetropolitan: Lust for Life (awesome) and Y: the Last Man Girl on Girl. (eh… seemed a little flat) Ate lots of cookies. Slept 10 hours.


Happy Holidays to everyone! Probably won’t be making any posts until the first of the year… busy busy. In some of my free moments I’m reading Bleak House and enjoying it very very much.