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I swore I wasn’t going to make a Christmas list this year. I SWORE. But then I did anyway. And then I made several. :( I have an Amazon wish list and a LibraryThing wish list. And I also find myself wanting random things like cacti (there’s a very nice plant store with big beautiful windows downtown that I pass by a lot) and socks (I seem to have a lot of holes in my socks) and every single beautiful thing we get in at the store. Oberon journals and … Continue Reading


Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Shelf Life & Avi

Nothing motivates like the pressure of a looming holiday season. The Book Without Words is very good… if a little short. I was impressed by the writing, challanging vocabulary, interesting characters and plot. I was a little startled when it ended; there’s a lot more story there to explore. But it is for kids and it did have a definite arc: beginning middle and end. I should not complain.Shelf Life is awesome. Charming and hilarious… but with some serious notes to round things out… it profiles the … Continue Reading

Google Print

Glory be to God for Dappled Things…Google Print is very very cool. This week was odd: warm weather & weird customers. The beautiful weather is bad because it lulls me into a false sense of time. I may be able to walk around without a coat on but I do still have to write the Christmas schedules. And the weird people… well. That’s par for the course I guess… except when they all show up at once.The Quiet American is wonderful. I’m enjoying it immensely. … Continue Reading