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pine nut fish

Well I just made “pine nut-crusted fish” from my new cookbook and forgot the pine nuts.Go ahead and laugh- It was damn good all the same.

Apples & Elections

I should say something that isn’t about books to prevent anyone out there getting the idea that I never leave my house. I had a wonderful morning at the farmer’s market with Karen and we dragged Andrew out to a nice new (for us) diner that had very nice pancakes. And then I had an afternoon downtown shopping and library-visiting and renting videos. (without Andrew… he was on a filing rampage at home) My kitchen is clean enough now to start making dinner again… quesadillas tonight. And there are many many local macs from the … Continue Reading

Quiet American & Petrarch

I finished One Hundred Years of Solitude tonight. Quite a book. It’s whole is definitely greater than any of it’s parts… and books like that can be hard to finish, so I’m glad I stuck with it. Beautiful and unique… not really within my powers of description.Then I jumped right into The Quiet American. I’d never read anything by Graham Greene before and we (somewhat accidentally) ordered several copies for the store, so I took one home. The style is a welcome change from Garcia Marquez, but something about the tone … Continue Reading


Well I spent most of my weekend reading. What I didn’t spend reading, I spent either watching Monk or wandering about outside. Relaxing and enjoyable in every possible way.I’m sticking with One Hundred Years of Solitude. It all came together for me about 100 pages in, and now I’m very happily entrenched. Today, though, I spent most of the afternoon reading Continent for the Taking: The Tragedy and Hope of Africa with my beautiful amazing new Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World open on the floor in front of me. … Continue Reading

Kitchen Confidential

I finished Kitchen Confidential yesterday. What a fabulous read. Humor and outrageousness… but with a great deal of sentimentality lurking. Misfit personalities in all their mess and glory making wonderful things to eat. Now I’ve begun One Hundred Years of Solitude. I like it, but I’m still in the first fifty pages, and I had this sudden urge today to abandon it in favor of Bleak House. Maybe it was that Sydney Carton reference reminding me of Dickens. I dunno. We’ll see. I’m also picking … Continue Reading


Well these results were a little predictable. I’m not sure what that list would look like in the US, but I bet it would be different. (via Bookslut}Really I just wanted to point out and second Mr. MacDougall’s love for Sydney Carton. (quote at the end) What a character.


Snowgirl is back! This one is for Karen particularly. And for Jeanne who asked when there would be a new one… I respond well to pestering.EDIT: I respond well to pestering about Snowgirl. :)


Browsing a children’s Penguin catalog… 1. The Puffin Classic Gift Set is advertised as being “four novels for the price of three!”. Ok. Here are the four novels: The Secret Garden, The Wizard of Oz, Black Beauty, and Jane Eyre. ??? Methinks one of these things does not belong.2. Jorge Luis Borges plus imaginary beings plus Peter Sis must equal serious goodness.

Hunger’s Brides

I can’t seem to find any discussion of Hunger’s Brides to link to… which is irritating because it’s the kind of book that is ripe for a multitude of discussions. A beautiful book, a marvelous treasure chest of wonderful things. I didn’t touch any of the other books I’d assembled for my vacation, but I did accumulate NEW books. How was I supposed to know that while reading this thing I’d require Sappho and Ovid and Aztec History… I love the bookstores in Farmington, Maine. My literary needs were great and … Continue Reading