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Hunger’s Brides

Well now I can breath. And READ! And draw. And sleep… so much to do! About 300 pages into Hunger’s Brides now. My impression at this moment is that it’s one of those fabulous book lover’s books. It reminds me most, still, of Dream of Scipio, Shadow of the Wind, Club Dumas… It isn’t Proust. It isn’t Joyce. This is something any reader can read without tearing out her hair: lively, colorful and passionate. The different voices/narrators keep it from feeling like a tome. … Continue Reading

Hunger’s Brides

I’m anticipating my vacation by a few days by starting Hunger’s Brides. But I figure it would be pretty hard for me to finish it’s 1300 pages before Friday, so it won’t do any harm to start early. After a 70-odd page start, I say it’s lovely. I haven’t enjoyed anything so much as this beginning since Dream of Scipio. Romantic, intriguing… charming… But as 70 pages is such a small fraction of the whole, I know I should try and wait to comment further…

Princess of Roumania

LibraryThing is awesome. The whole cataloging bit has it’s appeal, and the fact that it’s so easy/fast doesn’t hurt, but the comments and community aspects are even more entertaining. It’s delicious for your library. I think tags just make me happy. I finished and thoroughly enjoyed A Princess of Roumania. The blurb on the inside cover from Terry Bisson is exactly right… it’s got the expert literary-ness of John Crowley and Gene Wolfe with much faster pacing. Jonathan Strange without half the wordage. I’m just irritated that I … Continue Reading


I, too, have fallen for LibraryThing. I’m in there under “woctune”.


Prince, thou art sad; get thee a wife, get thee a wifeI love weddings. Today is just lovely. Farmer’s Market in the morning, wedding at noon, sleepy lazy afternoon with books, visiting tonight with family. Most Excellent.

Jane Austen & A Princess of Roumania

I am not fond of the idea of my shrubberies being always approachable…After watching Persuasion twice in three days I decided to read it again as well. My favorite favorite Jane Austen EVER… well, so far. I still haven’t read Mansfield Park or Northanger Abbey. But I bet it will always be my favorite.I’m also on page 190 of A Princess of Roumania. Anyone with any fondness for Philip Pullman or John Crowley should take a peek at this. I ordered it and brought it home per … Continue Reading

New Orleans

I don’t want to see anybody do anymore goddamn press conferences.Haven’t been reading anything but news these past couple of days.