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Well I’ve been trying to get into Mr. Muo’s Travelling Couch (chapter 1) but haven’t had much luck. I’m more in the mood for a big lush beautiful long novel… like, for instance, Hunger’s Brides. But I know I don’t have the time to do it justice at the moment. So I moped for a while last night and then remembered Proust again. And picked up where I left off… um… several months ago… in the midst of Within a Budding Grove. And by some miracle I remembered what was going … Continue Reading


I read Pride and Prejudice again this past week. Proving once again that books are more amazing when read outside of school. There’s a great bit near the end where Elizabeth asks Mr. Darcy why he was so cold and silent when visiting her home and he asks her why she didn’t say anything either. She says that she was embarrassed and he says that well… he was too. I don’t think I ever noticed how particularly well matched they were or understood just how happy an ending it was for both their characters… … Continue Reading


My bears might be finished. Not sure yet. I did some work on little bear because Mom didn’t like that the top of his head was missing. Not perfect, but better. Unfortunately the camera wasn’t quite as true to the blues in this as it was to the browns in Ethel’s portrait, but still a fair representation. Now that I’ve spent all this time with blue and orange… I kinda miss brown and green. But I don’t know what’s next.Finished the Sonja Hartnett and find that I may be ready for more … Continue Reading


Just read the first half of Stripes of the Sidestep Wolf. It’s been sitting next to my bed for weeks and today was just the right day for it. Sonja Hartnett’s spare style and grace totally hit the spot this morning. Now it’s back out to the world of chaos. Which will at the very least be cooler than my apartment.

What This Summer Has Done To Me

Just to illustrate how my insane work life this summer has affected my life: Last night I watched 2 episodes of Monk (this has temporarily replaced Becker in my affections) and then worked on my polar bear painting (to my great satisfaction) drinking a glass of scotch and listening to bad country music on the radio. Can you picture that? And then this morning I read Ranma 1/2 v.1 (very entertaing, highly recommended) and baked honey mustard chicken to bring to work for dinner. Which is a vast improvement over my previous strategy … Continue Reading


Koen Book Distributors is closing. This is very very sad news. Koen has always been fabulous to work with… wonderful people and excellent service. I will miss them very much.

Books & Drawing

I was more impressed and inspired by Understanding Comics than I ever expected to be. Entertaining, encouraging, informative, personal… very impressed. And Hellboy was, of course, very cool. I’ve forgotten what I ordered this week… It’ll be a nice surprise on Sunday.I made Andrew take a snapshot (blurry… bad light… he was not pleased) the other night because I wanted to try a three quarter portrait and trying it with a mirror is like the whole patting-head-rubbing-belly thing. Forcing myself to consistantly look askance was proving prohibatively irritating. So with the … Continue Reading


It started pouring this morning and the rain was coming in the window that overlooks the coffee shop on the corner. So I closed the window and looked out at the shirt & tie scramblers all gingerly running from shop to car except for this one guy in shorts (swim trunks?) and flip flops. No shirt, tie, hat, jacket, nothing. Ambling along back to his apartment with his (loosely protected under his hand) coffee.Continuing on the art theme… I’m attracted to charcoal but afraid of fixative. Even Low Odor Fix fills me with … Continue Reading

Graphic Novels Continued… Plus Art Stuff

I finished the available volumes of Y: the Last Man and enjoyed every one of them immensely. It’s what tv would be like if tv wasn’t awful. Short bursts of very entertaining characters, dialogue and a plot with very few rules. All put together for my viewing pleasure. The art is simple, compelling, and pushes the plot along hand in hand with the text without either protruding in a distracting manner. And it’s funny. I’m a big fan of things that make me laugh out loud. And mightily impressed by them … Continue Reading

When Angels Rest

When Angels Rest is small and amazing. Exquisite and painful. Perfect.