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I had a fabulous painting class this morning. Then at the library I fell gut-wrenchingly in love with Paul Gauguin. Orange heaven.Without venturing too far out of the rapturous right-brain-land, I’d also like to say that Y: the Last Man is pretty damn cool. I’ve got volumes 1-3.

March of the Penguins

March of the Penguins is fairly amazing. Baby penguins, as it turns out, are pretty much the cutest things ever. I can’t imagine what those guys went through to get those shots.

Graphic Novels

I finished Watchmen today. After rereading The Fixer and Clyde Fans two weeks ago I decided that more graphic novels were required. During my last graphic novel spending spree (in which I acquired the wonderful Jar of Fools and my favorite: I Never Liked You in addition to the abovementioned titles) I had neglected all superheroes, so it was absolutely time for volumes one and two of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen as well as Watchmen. With Luck, Y: the Last Man #1 will be at … Continue Reading

Harry Potter

I did finish the new Harry Potter, and enjoyed it very much. Her writing style in this one is more like the first few books and very unlike book 5. Harry’s angst and sadness seem to have cleared up a lot… or at least when he expresses himself in book 6, it’s childlike again. When he’s sad, he’s sad. And then it’s over and he’s worried about girls. And then that’s over and he’s worried about Voldemort. Simple, clear, and very very easy to read. It might have been nice to take that … Continue Reading


26 year old me.

A High Wind In Jamaica

A couple of years ago I picked up a used copy of A High Wind in Jamaica. As always, something else caught my attention and I forgot about it entirely UNTIL John Crowley requested it as his complementary book when he visited my store. Apparently he’s working on an article on Richard Hughes. Well anything the author of Little, Big finds fascinating is worth a second look. I was hooked on the first page and finished it last night. The most obvious comparison to make is with Lord of the Flies, but … Continue Reading