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I was introduced to the poetry of Howard Nemerov today. Particularly a poem called Hide and Seek which does not seem to be on the web. And which I left on my desk at work.

Children’s Lit

After looking up authors mentioned in the previous link… Well now I want books by Ry?ji Arai. They look beautiful. But I may have to content myself with Bad Girls by Jacqueline Wilson. I had to link to the big A in this case. It was their feature of the following quote that caught my attention: “Girls like Kim never wear glasses or braces…. They never have a silly haircut. They never wear stupid baby clothes…. You can’t tease girls like Kim. There’s nothing to tease her about.”

Children’s Lit

Far better, for the health of children’s literature, that it should breed Antichrists rather than analgesics.” via Bookslut]

Star Wars

Episode III: I like anything that makes me laugh my ass off… and that’s all I’m gonna say.Several things must have happened at work today, but all I seem to remember is needing to learn how to spell Shih Tzu. Thank you Star Wars.


Ekaterina should not work. It is paradoxically both an expression of Harington’s unique creativity and a nod to Nabokov… in both style and plot not particularly like Lolita, but discernibly a tribute to. And as always, confusing and heartfelt and firmly based in his wonderful characters.In further attempts to distract my work-infested brain, I have been watching British crime drama almost daily. Touching Evil is the obsession of the moment. Also I have planted herbs in pots in my living room. The weather has me feeling domestic. I love love this … Continue Reading

New Vladmaster

Our Actaeon, may or may not have anything to do with the historical Actaeon. He is a small man in a room with striped wallpaper and antlers and a typewriter and a collection of Currier & Ives prints. Oh, also there is a train chase.


Lolita. The mastery of language, the exquisite balance between humor and tragedy, the extreme contrast between Dolores and Humbert- the way they think, the voices Nabokov gives them- It’s a masterpiece. Occasionally nauseating, but a true blue work of beauty. It’s hard to understand how people go out of their way to find this objectionable when something like Bad Men is an accepted mass market phenomenon. I don’t mean to pick on Connolly, he’s a great guy, which is why his is the only book of it’s kind I’ve tried to read … Continue Reading

Prime Suspect

Just finished Prime Suspect 6. So satisfyingly good. Even putting the plot and secondary characters aside (all very good), I could watch Helen Mirren all day. She’s just incredible. Why don’t I own Gosford Park? If I owned Gosford Park, I could watch that last scene of hers that ties the whole thing together and marvel at her some more. But on the other hand, after watching 195 minutes of television, enough is probably enough. In accordence with my plan to slow down the consumption of Harington novels I am … Continue Reading

Painting Class

I just registered for a beginner’s painting class! Three hours on Friday morning (my regular days off from work are Friday-Saturday) for seven weeks. Starting June 24th. Been talking about doing it for ages and finally the timing was so good and this woman I’ve heard such good things about is teaching it and I just couldn’t pass it up. Very Exciting.

Choiring of the Trees

Choiring of the Trees is breaking my heart. Just as vivid and original as his other novels, it’s the story of Nail Chism convicted of rape and sentenced to die in the electric chair and the woman who’s trying to set him free. The regular Stay More characters still have that unique charm and grace Harington always gives them, but in this book he brings their coarse gentility into conflict with the intense ignorance and needless cruelty that exist in this world. It is just one of the best novels I’ve ever read. I … Continue Reading