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Hitchhiker’s Guide

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was the last in our series of vacation movies. Sahara was your everyday entertaining action flick… it required a certain lack of attention to both dialogue and plot… but that was no problem. Then there was Sin City… a more interesting adventure. I haven’t read the graphic novels… which (I hear) is a good thing because the movie is in many ways a duplicate of them. The movie was all new to me. I liked the contrast and color of it. I laughed out loud … Continue Reading


I watched the press conference last night (Info on that lawsuit he didn’t comment on) and finished the Cummings bio today.I dream of Olaf glad and big.

Vacation Books

I went the distance with Some Other Place, the Right Place and was rewarded. First I was surprised and confounded and then cruelly compelled to continue even through a whole chapter in verse that simply could not be avoided (and yes, I’m the sort that usually skips that kind of thing) after the previous chapter’s upsetting end. The thing left me moaning in horrified confusion. And yet… It was the good kind of horrified confusion. After the fun of that was over (and I really was sad that it was over) I plunged into … Continue Reading

With No One As Witness

Just for the record, I thought it was one of her best. Especially because I really only read them to spend time with Havers… she’s so much more interesting than Lynley. Her complexity and continual developement were starting to make his one note aristocrat-turned-detective thing feel pretty old.I have been known to grumble loudly about movies where the “plot” is a man’s loved one(s) being killed/maimed/kidnapped followed by morally justified violence and sex with hot chicks. The End. Andrew pointed out to me that this irritates people in the world of … Continue Reading

History of Love

Finishing The History of Love was a fabulous way to kick off my vacation. Bittersweet and beautiful, it has an extremely memorable main character. The plot is lovely too, but I found the other main voices less unique and convincing. And because those voices were less clear, I found their plotlines a little muddy and less enjoyable. But I could listen to Leo Gursky talk all day… about loss and regret and love and spilling popcorn in the movie theater out of the desire to be looked at… the fear of disappearing. He’s fabulous. … Continue Reading

Comfort Me with Apples

I’m glad I went on to read this. “Comfort Me With Apples” is a fabulous title all on it’s own, and now that I’ve enjoyed the book, it’s a fabulous title that completely and warmly encompasses my memories of a fabulous read. (one of those uninterrupted-all-in-one-sitting-on-my-day-off reads) I liked it better than her first, and now I can read Garlic and Sapphires without feeling I’ve missed something.I woke up this morning wondering whether or not it is possible to feel pity and respect for someone at the same time… leaning toward no. But … Continue Reading

Donald Harington & Others

ha! ah well. via bookslut]Anyway. I discovered yesterday that not only does Donald Harington have a new book coming out in September, a lot of his backlist is being/has been re-released this year with snazzy new covers. So I’ve got Lightning Bug on the way. Unfortunately, the last Harington book I tried to read didn’t grab me… so I’ve got my fingers double crossed that I can get into him again. Because With was just fantastic.It could be that the mood just wasn’t … Continue Reading