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Well, I’ve gone and just completely fallen in love with Jeanette Winterson all over again. I loved all her other books of course; I love her monthly newsletter. Now I must be absurdly smitten because Lighthousekeeping filled me with delight and I couldn’t possibly say objectively what it was about or why it was good. I love it terribly and will read it again immediately. I viscerally enjoyed every minute of it, and feel distinctly out of any critical thoughts. A state which feels remarkably good.

Changed Man

A Changed Man by Francine Prose is staying with me. I finished it a couple of days ago and then began to read the reviews. Because this novel is largely about differences in perspective, particularly between sharp extremes and gray areas, (and even a little about how news/entertainment media can distort and overlook subtleties in the pursuit of a good story) it’s interesting to see how some reviewers really didn’t get it, or moderately didn’t get it, or read it fairly but still thought it was weak. I liked it. So … Continue Reading