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Hey Self

Amanda Palmer is making (has made?) new cds – “Know, Virginia”, “Elephant, Elephant”, “Who Killed Amanda Palmer?”Ok, self. Try not to forget. Especially when you find yourself at the music store. (Also, she has a myspace page that you like – http://www.myspace.com/whokilledamandapalmer)

Leon Fleisher

Leon Fleisher‘s piano playing is truly beautiful. Two Hands and The Journey are available on emusic. Just lovely.


I feel a little bad that I inadvertently corrupted Andrew’s Last.fm profile by listening to John Prine and Fiona Apple non-stop one day. So now I have my own profile. :) And I just downloaded Spit Bucket – destined to be my new favorite Tiger Lillies album. (apologies in advance to Andrew… Tiger Lillies music makes his head hurt…)