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I’ve been getting myself back on track at work – which has taken most of my energy these last couple weeks. But I’m caught up now. And I’ve been knitting… which is odd. I’m not so good at crafty things like that. Delayed gratification and all. But knitting has a certain soothing quality. And I’ve been drawing again. I’m trying to pick small things that I can work on before bed or on lunch breaks. Also things that I’ve maybe avoided in the past. As of today there’s a blog … Continue Reading

Chagall, October Light

Tomorrow I’m back to work. Sadly. We have had a lovely Saturday though – out to breakfast, post office, library, did some used book shopping at the lovely Cunningham Books, and finally the Portland Museum of Art which has Goya‘s Los Caprichos etchings on display. (very large PDF of them here) I think I’ll have to order the Dover edition tomorrow. While I’m at work. Sigh.I put down Sacred Games… just haven’t been in the mood for it lately… and picked up October Light which is … Continue Reading


Jeanne now has an excellent photoblog.


I woke up extra early this morning in the mood to draw. He didn’t exactly keep still, so don’t look too closely. But I like them.


A new snowgirl: more about beans.


Oh… and on Friday I sat in the park, hummed tunelessly for an hour and sketched a bush. (the picture sucks… but it is gray drawing paper, not white) I must have appeared somewhat freakish because it took this guy a while to get up the courage to ask me to sign his casino petition. I saw him out of the corner of my eye approach and not say anything at least three times.


Elizabeth plays with her new black pastel/charcoal drawing paper.Elizabeth draws her sad begonia with her new sticks of charcoal.