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Librarything Meme

Top 106 Unread books on Librarything memeThe rules: Bold what you have read, italicize books you?ve started but couldn?t finish, and strike through books you hated. Add an asterisk* to those you?ve read more than once. Underline those on your tbr list.

Jonathan Strange & M. Norrell
Anna Karenina
Crime and Punishment
One hundred years of solitude
Wuthering Heights
The Silmarillion
Life of Pi: a novel
The Name of the Rose
Don Quixote
Moby Dick
Madame Bovary
The Odyssey
Pride and Prejudice
Jane Eyre
A Tale of Two Cities
The Brothers Karamazov
Guns, … Continue Reading

Thomas Jefferson

I share twelve books with Thomas Jefferson.

2007 Books

Books I finished in 2007. Because it turns out that I like to look back on this sort of thing-

Gentlemen of the Road
Yiddish Policeman’s Union
Beachcombing for a Shipwrecked God
Name of the Rose
Crooked Little Vein
October Light
Used World
Golden Notebook
Kennedy’s Brain
After Dark
Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian
7 Professors of the Far North
Un Lun Dun
Billy Creekmore
Day My Mother Left
Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows
Invention of Hugo Cabret
Mysterious Benedict Society
New Policeman
Pure in Heart
Various Haunts of Men
Acqua … Continue Reading

Library Book Sale

The Portland Public Library‘s fall book sale is this weekend… and suddenly there are two more piles we have no room for. (It’s the prices! Only fifty cents for hardcovers and a dime for paperbacks! How could we resist?) Here’s my haul:

Good Things

Really enjoying right now-

2005 Books

Books that I read in 2005 that I actually finished, that I hadn’t finished before, in no particular order, without going into which particular volume(s) of graphic novel series, and excluding anything I can’t remember at the moment:Understanding ComicsHunger’s BridesLolita E. E. Cummings: A BiographyThe History of LoveComfort Me With ApplesTender at the BoneGarlic and SapphiresIncompleteness: the Proof and Paradox of Kurt GodelLighthousekeepingChanged ManBrothers KaramazovThe Language of BaklavaA High Wind in … Continue Reading