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I really didn’t like Juno. Mostly because I didn’t believe Juno. I wasn’t drawn in. Because the movie is about a situation I have a lot of feelings about, the fact that I didn’t believe in Juno the character totally turned me off and made me sad and irritated and angry. I liked most of the peripheral bits of the movie quite a lot – particularly Vanessa & Mark & Bleeker. The acting all around was decent and occasionally brilliant. That scene with the note for Vanessa is awesome. Juno herself was like … Continue Reading

Room with a View

So I just tuned into the Room with a View on PBS right at that last scene with Mr. Emerson near the end – and continued watching from there right through the big WTF finale. Ruining the experience and possibly the rest of the evening. Good God. What a bad taste in my mouth. Ack.

I like Killing Flies

I Like Killing Flies is my new favorite film.

Golden Compass

Andrew and I saw The Golden Compass yesterday and enjoyed it very much. I’d read it a while back and had forgotten just the right amount of plot. I feel like I should read the other two now – I’m definitely going to want to see the next movie…I am reading The Ruby in Her Navel – but I may have aimed a little high for the holidays. It’s a little beyond me right now. I should stop kidding myself and get my tired brain some cartoons.Three unrelated asides: … Continue Reading


I saw Beowulf yesterday, heartily enjoyed it, and agree pretty much completely with this review. (Which doesn’t have spoilers per se, but it gives enough away that I wouldn’t read it before you see the film…) I also read the NYT review and thought it was a touch half-assed – like it played into what NYT readers would be looking for without expressing a lot of honest opinion.

Death at a Funeral

Just got back from Death at a Funeral. I laughed until it hurt a lot. Alan Tudyk is so awesome. Also Peter Dinklage. Also everyone else in the movie.I saw Measure for Measure last night for the first time. I had a wonderful amazing time. Loved the play. And I’m totally confused. I get the big themes – it’s a wonderful portrait of man’s hypocrisy and kind of the arbitrary morality inherent in society…. it’s a play about politics. I get that. It’s the … Continue Reading

The Wire

Just finished season 3 of The Wire. Totally excellent. I’ve got to say… I was doubting season 3. It had a different flavor and covered a lot of old ground. But the last four-ish episodes were just awesome.(Work, though it seems like a million years ago now, was excellent today too. There was a problem, and I had an idea, and I implemented the idea, and it worked. It Just Worked. Bliss.)