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Townes Van Zandt

I feel like a Townes Van Zandt song today. Balanced and oddly contented in my misery.(More snow? Seriously?)

By the way…

By the way… not that anyone probably noticed they were broken… but I fixed the archive & RSS links above. And updated the sketchblog


I’m sitting here listening to CocoRosie and watching out the window and totally loving Halloween. The little kids are adorable, the older kids are sheepishly awkward – even the pushy ones… parents in sweatshirts in some cases – in other cases fairly disturbingly dressed. Mostly dads (or uncles or friends or whatever…) in costume so far – one in a giant rabbit suit. I just told one kid that I didn’t think my neighbors were home – and he said “thank you for telling us we wouldn’t want to waste the doorbell.” It’s … Continue Reading

“I can get housework done twice as fast!”

“I can get housework done twice as fast!” I’ve got to admit – I have a hard time imagining the world that this came from. Also : spiders on drugs.


My purse was stolen yesterday. Containing keys, wallet, phone, pencils, sketchbook, address book… Many phone calls were made. I spoke with a nice policeman.A nice letter carrier delivered it to me at work this morning. It seems the thief considerately stuffed it in a mailbox (minus the phone, credit card and cash, of course).


Earlier…Hey – I own, like, 109 Dragonlance books but I don’t really know which ones. I want to order more…. can you, like, find me a complete list of them?Why I Love Wikipedia Today.I’m reading several things all at once – all good. The 7 Professors of the Far North by John Fardell, The Various Haunts of Men by Susan Hill, and Metropolis by Elizabeth Gaffney. Metropolis is one of those books that I know is flawed but I find myself attached to it anyway. … Continue Reading


Electricity is awesome.

Cold Wet

It’s supposed to be in the 30′s and raining UNTIL FRIDAY. You’ve got to be kidding me. I brought home a couple of books today… trying to break a dry spell. Also drew a hat – but it’s too dark to take a picture. It’s nice on these dreary days to get unexpected emails from friends. :) Thank you.


I had a fabulous weekend. Andrew and I both had an extra day off. We went up to Farmington and relaxed. I finished October Light and drew a picture and watched cable tv and ate avacado sandwiches… awesome. Especially October Light – what a book. Between emusic and last.fm I’m finding music fascinating… and the record of what I’ve listened to fascinating as well. Here’s my last.fm top ten artists of last week:


My AudioScrobbling is mysteriously working again…Maybe it’s the snow. :(