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Aya has stunning art and a charming story about teenagers getting into mischief. I think the art is worth the price of the book. I understand that the story is supposed to be light, humorous and personal… painting a picture of a happier, more frivolous Africa. Still I think the narrative taken on it’s own lacked punch. Definitely not ambitiously written in the way of Rabbi’s Cat…. even if the art is similar in style.

so sweet and so cold


Cat and Girl

So perfect.

Silver Donkey

Feeling a bit better after 3 volumes of Ex Machina, 2 volumes of Sandman, and a night in which I finally slept for more than 4 hours at a stretch.Ex Machina is adult, serious, and complex. I must say that it bored me a bit in the beginning – but then everything came together for me in volume three. I still like the mystery bits better than the political bits, but then that’s me. Sandman is (of course) amazing. I’ve enjoyed every little bit of it so much, and just bought volume … Continue Reading


I’m home sick. Now that I’m a grown-up and only stay home sick when I’m really unable to do my job, it’s incredibly boring and unpleasant. Especially in the summer. However, (and I really didn’t know this as a kid) comics are awesome – especially when home sick. Easy to read, lots of pictures, an element of childish indulgence…. So after the sleep and the sniffing and coughing, today has been all about Smokey and the Bandit and Ex Machina.